General Question 

Q: What if I purchased both Preorder and In-stock items?

A: If you have Pre-Order items in your cart, your order will be shipped when all items (both preorder & in-stock items) in your cart have arrived (e.g. if you bought an in-stock item during January and a preorder item set to deliver in April, both products will be shipped in April).

Q: What if I decided to cancel a preorder item?

A: If the buyer decided to cancel a preorder item, a 20% restocking fee will be charged. However, if we decided to cancel an order due to issues on our end, no fees will be charged.


Shipping Question

Q: What is combine shipping?

A: This option is only for customers who have previously ordered "preorder" items but the items have not arrived yet. It allows them to buy more items and combine said items with the previous order to save on shipping. See more in Shipping Policy 

Q: How would preorder items with different arrival date be shipped?

A: All the items in the order will be shipped when the latest preorder item will arrive (e.g. if there are two preorder items, one with arrival date of March and one with April, everything in that order will be shipped in April, or whenever the latest preorder item arrives).

Q: How to be eligible for free shipping?

A: To be eligible for free shipping, the items in your cart have to exceed $100 before tax, then there would be an option for free shipping in the form of "standard shipping" of $0.    ***Note: Free shipping is listed as "standard shipping", not "combine shipping" (this is reserved for people who have unfulfilled pre-order items).